Ado Awaye Hill

16 Mar

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Ado Awaye lies about 20 kilometers west of Iseyin,Oyo state in Nigeria. The rocky outcrop can be climbed to gain a full view of the whole range of hills lying towards the Benin republic border.
People who have succeeded in climbing to a point called by the inhabitants ‘ESEKAN IKU’ translated ‘on the verge of death’ write their names with piece of stones on the rock. The place gives a panoramic view and wonderful scenery of hills and areas perceived near and far from top of the hill. The climbing of the hill can conveniently take forty five minutes.
The suspended lake is housed on one of the crests of rocks commonly referred to in surveyors ’terminology ‘The Sleeping Lion’. The lake is about 12 feet in diameter and its water is greenish. Few people ventures to touch the water of the lake apparently because of the fear of the unknown.
These sceneries apart, the place offers visitors the opportunity of seeing the sanctuary of various shrines of Ado Awaye community. Among the gods and goddesses which feature prominently in the lives of the community are Isage, Iyake, Isata and so on.
Funny as this may sound, some part of the hill are also used by the villagers for their daily activities, like the woman in the picture grinding pepper on the hill, and bigger versions of these potholes on the rock are used as water reservoirs.

There are other tourist destinations for your viewing pleasures. If you are interested please feel free to contact us and we will gladly prepare a tourist package for you and your loved ones.

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  1. ingegard

    March 29, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    The place looks very adventous, and sounds like fun to visit


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